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October 31, 2014









The Search and Rescue Tracking Institute

SARTI is proud to be a member of the International Society of Professional Trackers and the Virginia Search and Rescue Council.

New SARTI website coming soon!

March 2014: SARTI is working on a new website, coming very soon!

Upcoming Events

February 7-9 SARTI quarterly training Twin Lakes State Park, VA http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/twin-lakes.shtml
April 9-13 VASARCO Conference Appomatox, VA https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2014-vasarco-sar-conference-tickets-9634427833

Director's Note

Welcome to SARTI. Since it's inception, SARTI has grown from an active roster of a dozen members, all but one from Virginia, to a current roster three times as big and encompassing several more states. Our mission has remained the same to provide trained visual mantracking resources for lost or missing persons. What has changed a bit in our scope is that when we started we were principally a Virginia resource. No more, as our members have been active on searches through out not only Virginia but also Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and even a time or two West of the Rockies.

As in the past many of SARTI's members are instrumental in passing on the art and skills of tracking to interested individuals through various schools, their primary SAR teams and related type venues. Many still travel the country in search of another tracking class to expand their knowledge and to work with other like minded and passionate individuals in a different environment covering different terrains.

Last year SARTI participated in 34 direct missions which are those that SARTI as a group was alerted directly to provide tracking resources. There are many other searches that our membership participated in as a result of a limited callout through their home groups. SARTI has also begun to work more closely with different Law Enforcement agencies at different levels.

We welcome you to survey our site, look through some of our photos and if you have any questions about the group please don't hesitate to ask.

SARTI Notices

NIMS & ICS Classes: Active SARTI Members are required to complete these FEMA classes based on their field qualifications:
As above, plus:

Field certifications (including FTM, FTS, and FTL) expire after three years, operational members are encouraged to schedule a recertification exam in order to retain your active status.

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