Meet the Members

Meet the members and Instructors of the Search and Rescue Tracking Institute:


Tracking Specialists

  • Rob Speiden

    Rob is a charter member of SARTI and has attended nearly every training since the first one in September 1998. Rob has been a volunteer searcher since 1993, and has assisted with over 200 search and rescue missions. He is certified as a VDEM Tracking Specialist and has been serving as the group Treasurer since 2000.  He is also the lead instructor for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management Search and Rescue Tracking program, founder of the Natural Awareness Tracking School, LLC ( and author of the Search & Rescue tracking textbook Foundations for Awareness, Signcutting and Tracking, co-authored by SARTI founder Greg Fuller.

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Tracking Technicians

  • Ken Steen

    Ken joined SARTI in February of 2010 and has been an active member in the SAR community ever since. He holds a VDEM Tracking Technician certification and is currently the SARTI’s training officer and a Virginia Search and Rescue Council representative. Ken is a Board member of SARTI, as well as a committee member for the development of the Commonwealth of Virginia Tracking Standards.

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  • Ashley Lewis

    Ashley attended her first critter tracking class in 2011, and joined SARTI in 2012. She serves as SARTI’s Secretary and is also an active member in multiple other search and rescue groups. Ashley is a VDEM Tracking Technician and evaluator for the Commonwealth’s tracking program and a member of the Tracking Standards Committee for the state. Her favorite activity with SARTI is seeing new members get hooked on tracking and exploring new corners of the state at searches and in training.

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Operational Trackers

  • Theresa Crossland

    Theresa Crossland has been an active member of the Search and Rescue Community since 2004, but discovered her true passion – tracking – in 2006. She has been training others in SAR and Tracking since 2009 and is a VDEM Assistant Instructor and a Lost Person Behavior Trainer. She currently responds to missing person searches as an operational member of Tidewater Search and Rescue (TSAR), Piedmont Search and Rescue (PSAR) and the Search and Rescue Tracking Institute (SARTI). She also serves SARTI as the organization’s Director.

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SARTI Trainees

  • Trainee Tracker

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